Example: The Gorge Zipline Aerial Tour

Filming from the zip lines and the platforms at The Gorge serve up some incredible imagery!  From April’s blooming mountain laurels to Octobers mind-blowing colors their is no shortage of eye candy.  Having said that it can be hard to capture an image that really shows the scale of the canyon.  To pull this off we needed to escape the canopy and fly above it.  Aerial cinematography is a great addition most any video project, but it was going to take some fancy flying to navigate this terrain!  The effort turned out to be worth it compiling hundreds of thousands of views, tons of engagement and more tickets sold.

Here are two of the aerial tour videos.  The combination of powerful images and music provide an awe-inspiring perspective.  Sometimes this is all you need.

If you are interested in some ideas about alternative ways to leverage your content or want to learn more about aerial cinematography let us know here.


Example:  The Gorge Zipline Virtual Tour.

Objective: The Gorge Zipline is the steepest, fastest canopy tour around.  Anyone who experiences The Gorge is not only likely to come back but most bring friends!  Having said that it is hard to convey how incredible the experience of gliding through the trees above Green River is.  This project warranted a ‘broader perspective’.  The plan was produce a 360 degree virtual tour of the course and design a branded viewer to accompany it.  The end result is nothing short of magic!

The viewer’s main use was as a promotional item sent to Commercial/High Volume clients.  The QR reader and website were built into the viewer design linking directly to the 360 degree video.  This minimized hassle and maintained interest.  The remaining viewers will be sold alongside t-shirts, shorts, water bottles and other branded products.  The value doesn’t end there as we can also use the video on Facebook to launch the start of the new season!  If you’re interested in details of how this was filmed or 360 degree video in general contact us here.


Example:  Mountain River Guides

Objective:  Rebrand a successful rafting company as it expands its services beyond the river.

USA rafting is synonymous with the iconic Nolichucky and French Broad Rivers.  This successful raft guide service has been providing whitewater thrills to its customers for decades.  During that time many of their clients were looking for other activities to complete a weekend trip to the mountains.  Out of this desire for adventure Mountain River Guides was born.  The challenge was to let customers know USA Raft offered other incredible adventure that had nothing do to with a raft.  The solution was a dual branding effort creating the all new Mountain River Guides powered by USA Raft.

We focused on a year-long plan that included an updated look, new website/cms, social content posts and a video series.  This project is currently ongoing and will be completed July, 2017. The initial website launch in conjunction with caving campaign have already seen a YOY gain of nearly 200%.  We are excited for spring to arrive so we can get to work gathering and releasing the next pieces of this project! For an update when we complete a phase or learn about the results send us an email here.


Being sure to use equipment than can simultaneously take high quality video and still images is an often overlooked option.  We are just beginning to release images on social all the while increasing the ever important organic reach.

Interesting, fun and resourceful are just a few of the attributes of successful content.  Often times you are sitting on good blog/social posts and not even realize it.  We earned some good reactions from repurposing this b-roll footage into a blog/social media post.  Did you know science tells us our brain senses the geometry of the room just by listening?

More coming soon on this work in progress. 


Example: Product Launch – The Ripstick

Objective: Launch a new offering in the SUP market that was geared towards the surfing crowd. 

While Werner Paddles truly are the ultimate in performance they previously had little recognition in the surf market.  Our challenge was to not only let everyone know about the new Rip Stick but prove it’s premium priced value to a new audience.  We chose a content marketing campaign based around the Santa Cruz Paddlefest.  This allowed us to build a bridge to the consumer, utilize our in the field influencers, and support our sales team all at once.  The results were numbers that blew away forecasts, reorders and broader brand recognition.  If you’d like to see more detailed information on this project or have any questions let us know here.


We captured incredible imagery of the product working as intended in its intended environment  combined with a clean graphics package to produce both a one minute and 30 second spot.

1 Minute Spot:

30 Second Spot:

It’s great to see publications sharing your branded content unsolicited!  In fact it is essential to the success of any content marketing project.  Interested in an audience helping spread the word about your product or service?  Feel free to reach out anytime to us here.

We produced a clip that acted as a sales tool for Werner’s retailers.  All this content was leveraged out of a single three day shoot.

None of the above mentions the uses from the still images from this project or the reformatting of the content for influencer/partner distribution.  From the top of the funnel to the bottom we were able to effectively convert potential customers into real ones…and we all had fun doing it!