Objective: Launch a new offering in the SUP market that was geared towards the surfing crowd.

While Werner Paddles truly are the ultimate in performance they previously had limited recognition in the surf market.  Our challenge was to not only let everyone know about the new Rip Stick but prove it’s premium priced value to a new audience.  We chose a content marketing campaign based around the Santa Cruz Paddlefest.  This allowed us to build a bridge to the consumer, utilize our in the field influencers, and support our sales team all at once.  In the end the hard work paid off with a successful launch that blew away forecast.  If you’d like to see more detailed information, analytics or have any questions let us know here.

Capturing a product working as intended in its intended environment can sometimes be a challenge.  In this instance not only did we have to combine athletic talent, good conditions and the product itself but have a professional team in place to capture it all.  In the end we came away with some stunning footage!  The images collected combined with a clean graphics and studio package made for very well received one minute and 30 second spots.

30 Second Spot:

It’s great to see publications sharing your branded content unsolicited! In fact it is essential to the success of any content marketing project. SUP the Magazine and SUP Connect enjoyed this event recap video enough to share with their audience.  Check it out in one of their posts below.

Not forgetting the incredibly engineered features and benefits of the paddle, we produced this video with a more in-depth focus.  The clip below turned out to be attractive to many retailers.  All this content was leveraged out of a single three day shoot.

None of the above mentions the uses from the still images from this project or the reformatting of the content for influencer/partner distribution.  From the top of the funnel to the bottom we were able to effectively convert potential customers into real ones…and we all had fun doing it!


Inevitably we sometimes need content produced on short notice. It seems no matter how diligently we plan every now and then things happen off schedule. This was the case for the Manta Ray series from Native Watercraft and their sister company Liquidlogic Kayaks. Production times for the initial run for this new boat were moved up and media was needed asap. With less than a weeks planning we worked with the client to secure talent, finalize a location and get the necessary cameramen and gear in place. Adding to this challenge western North Carolina was experiencing the worst forest fires in a hundred years. This resulted in smokey haze hanging in the air everywhere.  Regardless of all this we made it happen and delivered the completed content the next week! If you’re interested in the analytics of this project or in planning a production like this contact us here.