Objective: The Gorge Zipline is the steepest, fastest canopy tour around.  Anyone who experiences The Gorge is not only likely to come back but most bring friends!  Having said that it is hard to convey how incredible the experience of gliding through the trees of is.  This project warranted a ‘broader perspective’.  We decided it was time for virtual reality!  The plan was produce a 360 degree virtual tour of the course and design a branded viewer to accompany it.  The end result is nothing short of magic!

The viewer itself’s main use was as a promotional item sent to Commercial/High Volume clients.  The QR reader and micro-site were built into the viewer design linking directly to the 360 degree video.  This minimized hassle and maintained interest.  The remaining viewers will be sold alongside t-shirts, shorts, water bottles and other branded products.  The value doesn’t end there as we can also use the video on Facebook to launch the start of the new season!  If you’re interested in details of how this was filmed, the viewer was designed or 360 degree video in general join us here.